NOT ON THIS EARTH: The Envisioned Landscapes of Jacqueline Moses & Billy Hertz

The Midwest Museum of American Art presents a two-person exhibit of the paintings of Jacqueline Moses (Chicago) and Billy Hertz (Louisville). Both artists create poetic interpretations of the lands they have visited. For Jacqueline Moses, the interpretation includes a sub-text of her feelings about such political issues as global warming and the human condition. For Billy Hertz, his energized color-filled landscapes reflect his time spent annually in Italy particularly, Umbria. Both artists extract something from being in a particular place but through their imaginative recreations, change the landscape into a lyrical sometimes epic fantasy. The exhibition of over 35 works will open on September 1 and continue through October 15, 2006 . A special Opening Reception to meet the artists will be held on Sunday, September 10 from 1:00 – 4:00pm. 

The pairing of these two Midwestern painters results in an interesting contrast of style and conceptual intention. Looking at the paintings of Billy Hertz is like taking a walk with the artist through an energized landscape infused with brilliant color and a heightened sense of animated forms. hertz extracts all unnecessary details leaving playfully simple forms of hills, trees, sky and clouds. Hertz leaves us feeling that the invisible forces of nature have been made visible through his work.

Jacqueline Moses provides ont he other hand, an intensely complex assembly of details. Her paintings appear much like Rene Magritte’s work in that they seem realisitic at first glance. This attitude gives way when one notices that the Middle-western, middle-class, houses the artist renders are floating in outer space or above the landscape of such exotic places as Africa, Ireland, or Costa Rica. The juxtaposition of the everyday home and the exotic landscape collide on the surface of the painting as though nothing is as it should be. Strangly beautiful, the paintings of Jacqueline Moses are an interesting dream-like anecdote to today’s global society.

MEMBERS, GUESTS, and ARTISTS are invited to attend the OPENING RECEPTION for the 28th ELKHART JURIED REGIONAL. Friday Evening, October 20 from 7:00 to 9:00PM 

28th Elkhart Juried Regional
The Largest Awards Show in the State! 

The 28th Elkhart Juried Regional exhibition opens on Friday, October 20, and w3ill continue through Sunday, December 3, 2006. This year the total awards to be given to artists will be $22,200 , with the $1,200 Best of Show Award donated in memory of the late Alice Skoglund . A special Memorial Purchase Award in honor of Mary Feddersen for Photography sponsored by the Ron & Connie Minzey and Stuart & Paula Barb of Elkhart. The museum Staff and Trustees are grateful to these individuals for assisting in the growth of the collection while honoring the memory of these loved ones.

In addition tot he above families and organization, many individuals and corporations help to make the Elkhart Juried Regional the largest (monetary awards) competition of its kind including the following Purchase Award Sponsors: Art Matters (Gallery), Goshen; Tom & Dottie Arnold, Elkhart; Baker & Daniels, Elkhart; Steve & Tracy Bollero, Elkhart; Liz and Tom Borger, Elkhart; Jeanelle & Brian Brady, Elkhart; Dr. Terry Bryant and Dr. Liz Elliott, Elkhart; Dr. Rick and Cindy Burns, Elkhart; Drs. Daniel and Linda Burns, Elkhart; Jack and Karen Cittadine, Elkhart; Todd & Christine Cornell, Elkhart; Stan and June Disher, Edwardsburg; Dr. & Mrs. James Finfrock, Elkhart; Craig & Connie Fulmer, Elkhart; Tracy Jones, Chicago; Dr. Brian & Summer King, South Bend; Tim & Robyn Loughran, Granger; Dr. Wesley Mark and Dr. Mary Harder, South Bend; David & Cynthis Marks, Elkhart; Paul Shultz & Margaret Forster, Granger; George & Abby Thomas, Elkhart; Warrick & Boyn, Elkhart; Robert Weed Plywood Corparation, Bristol; Bradley Vite Fine Arts, Elkhart.

Merit Awards this year will include the William & Jeanne Batten Award for Sculpture; D&M Glass Corporation; and the Christiana Smith Graham Award for Painting.

The jurors for the 28th Elkhart Juried Regional will be Christy DeHoog Johnson, Adjuct Professor, Illustration Department at Kendall College of Art & Design, Grand rapids and Mark Ruschman, Owner/Director, Ruschman Gallery, Indianapolis.

A Special series of Gallery Talks by award winning artists will be held every Thursday during the exhibition.

This exhibition is supported by Lake City Bank.

Bus Trip to the Meijer Scupture Garden, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19

The Midwest Museum will offer a bus excursion to Grand Rapids. We will visit the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park and the Mayer May House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Lunch will be included at the Meijer Gardens at the Garden View Cafe. A tram tour of the grounds is included after lunch.
Leave: 8:30am Marian Street at the Midwest Museum

Return: 6:00pm

FEE: $50. includes chartered motorcoach, Sculpture Garden & Mayer May House entry fees, tram tour of the sculpture park, lunch and refreshments; seating limited, call for reservations. Fees due by September 11. 


The Midwest Museum of American Art Trustees and Staff wish a fond farewell to Charter Members amd Patrons Don and Jane McClelland as they prepare to move back to their hometown of Akron, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. McClelland first moved to Elkhart in 1970 when Don became CEO of Industrial Plastics Corporation. His company was one of the museum’s first Corporate patrons and also, became one of the first Purchase Award Sponsors in the Elkhart Regional Juried Art Show. Dauther, Barbara McClelland Kirk, became one of the first Docents at the MMAA. Upon “Bitsy’s” death, Don and Jane McClelland along with son-in-law, Charles Kirk, made major contributions to create the Barbara McClelland Kirk Gallery. Their funding allowed the museum to renovate its second floor and open the most popular permanent exhibit, “The Norman Rockwell Exhibit”. The Midwest Museum recognizes their generosity which has gone above and beyond their annual membership dues. We wish them the best of luck and happiness at their new home, Summer on Ridgewood Retirement Community in Akron.


A variety of Gallery Talks featuring topical issues, biographical sketches, or film – FREE Every Thursday at 12:20pm 

AUG 31 “Georgia O’Keeffee: The plains on Paper” This 1995 film highlights one of America’s most famous Modern painters and her breakthrough abstractions of landscape. (film is 58 min.). 

SEPT 7 NOT ON THIS EARTH: Envisioned Landscapes Brian Byrn, Curator, discusses the exhibition of paintings by Jacqeline Moses and Billy Hertz. 

SEPT 14 “Visions of California: Social Change” Brian Byrn, Curator, introduces this 1994 film about regionalist Art in early 20th Century California. (film is 28 min.). 

SEPT 21 Surrealism in America Brian Byrn, Curator, discusses Surrealism in the 20th Century and how it has influenced much of the art of today. 

SEPT 28 “Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting: Modernism” This 1996 film features Sister Wendy Beckett and her journey as she traces the development of 20th century art. (film is 58 min.). 

OCT 5 Expressionism & Landscape Brian Byrn, Curator, leads a discussion about Modernism and the “geography” of landscape painting in the early 20th Century. 

OCT 12 Arthur Wesley Dow brian Byrn, Curator, leads a discussion about the influence of this important American artist and teacher. 

OCT 19 28th Elkhart Juried Regional Artists Series Brian Byrn, Curator, presents an overview of this important competition and gives the roster of artists who will speak during the next three weeks. 

OCT 27 28th Elkhart Juried Regional Artists Series An award winning artist speaks about his/her work. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear what’s on the minds of reginal artists. 

NOV 2 28th Elkhart Juried Regional Artists Series An award winning artist speaks about her work. 

28th Elkhart Juried Regional Artists Series will continue into the month of November… Don’t miss these talks! 


The Midwest Museum of American Art gratefully acknowledges gifts in honor or in memory of special friends. Notes of acknowledgement are sent by the Museum to those honored or to the families of those memorialized. Recent memorials include:

In Memory Of 

Randall M. Atwater (*by Dick & Anne Treckelo)

Lee Bouton (*by Virginia Jordan)

Wilbert H. Budd (*by Jane Burns, Tom & Dot Corson, Dick & Anne Treckelo)

Elizabeth Montagano (*by Dr. & Mrs. G. Beach Gattman)

Margaret Pearman (*by Dr. & Mrs. G. Beach Gattman, Dr. & Mrs. William Luther, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Thomas)

Arletta M. Landree (*by Jane Burns, Brian & Lisa Byrn, Joan Grimes)

Patricia Higbee (*by Phil, Verna, Mark, Brian & kelly (Membreno) Brinson)

Jack Taylor (*by Byron Brady, Dick & Anne Treckelo)

In Honor of the 30th Wedding Anniversary – David & Cynthia Marks (*by Jane Burns, Nancy L. Brock, Stephen & Jane Poe)

In Honor of the 40th Wedding Anniversary – Nelson & Delia Nix (*by Eleanor M. Koppin)

In Honor of the 50th Wedding Anniversary- Willard & Alice Roth (*by Jane Burns, Dorthy Bedell)

In Honor of the 60th Wedding Anniversary – Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stackhouse (* by Pat & Lynn Shelley)

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