The New Regionalists
Paintings About Place 

An invitational exhibition of Landscape paintings by Harry Ahn, David Allen, Timothy Grieb, Michael Maitner, & Diane Tesler

The Midwest Museum of American Art is pleased to present an exhibition of landscapepaintings by five of the best painters working in northern Indiana and southern Michigan. The title of the exhibition suggests that these artists lend a special aura to the places they draw their inspiration from in their ongoing dialogue with the land and its inhabitants. Over fifty paintings will describe poetically the areas we may otherwise take for granted.

While critics have announced “regionalism” dead since the 1980s due to burgeoning globlization, the true spirit of America’s art (and some of the most interesting) has survived in regional centers. This exhibition features the contrasting visions of Harry Ahn, Berrien Springs; David Allen, South Bend; Timothy Grieb, Eagle Nest, New Mexico and Elkhart; Michael Maitner, Grand Rapids; and Diane Tesler, Kewanna, Indiana and Alexandria, Virginia. Each of these artists contribute to the visual dialogue of “place” in their work. Each artist contributes however, a unique feeling and a special sense or strong emotional bond to their environs.

Special Opening Reception will be held on Saturday, July 15, from 5:00 to 7:00pm. Members and invited guests will be able to meet the artists. Each artist will be featured in upcoming gallery talks on Thursdays throughout the summer (see Noon Time Talks in this issue).

The New Regionalists has been graciously sponsored by The Corson Family Foundation and National City Bank.

Transient Images
The Art of Ann Weiner
continues through July 9

Artist’s Attic fund-raiser BIG Success!!! 

Many thanks to all those individuals who donated unique and unusual treasures to the museum’s Artist’s Attic Sale . By popular vote, the sale was extended through June 24 resulting in a banner year. All proceeds from the sale are divided among the MMAA Acqisition Fund & Eva Cole Memorial Educational Fund. Those who donated objects include: Jan Atwood, Trudy Basquin, Judy Bechtold, Pat Beitelshees, Kay Bower & the Kathy Huston Estate, Verna Brinson, Diane Frandsen, Catherine Johnston, Susie Lehman, Jean Ligocki, Kathy Royer, Rosemary Rush, Gigi Smith, Paul & Betty Thomas, Cheryl Waldman, and Douglas White.

Museum Docents & Volunteers who worked over the course of several days to make the sale a success include Roni Balthus, Trudy Basquin, Joyce Cleaveland, Shiela Cooke, Sandra Duwe, Norma Hoist, Susie Lehman, Vicki Magee, Kathy Royer, Mary Ellen Shamory, Gigi Smith, Maria Solow, Peg Trobaugh, and Evie White. A Special Thank You to Trudy Basquinfor assuming the duties of Chair of the event and providing many volunteer hours to organize and price items.

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A variety of Gallery Talks – FREE
Every Thursday beginning at 12:20 (to 1:00pm) 

JULY 6 Identifying America’s Architectural Styles
Elkhart County Historical Society volunteer, Terry Trimer, discusses a variety of American architectural styles many of which can be seen in our community.

JULY 13 Egypt: Land of the PHARAOHS
MMAA trustee, Dr. Rick Burns presents a follow-up discussion of Egypt and his 2005 trip there. Included will be slides taken at many of the same locations highlighted in the “King Tut & the Golden Age of the Pharaohs” exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago.

JULY 20 The New Regionalists
Curator Brian Byrn introduces the exhibit of five painters whose works are included in this MMAA – curated show of “Paintings About Place”.

JULY 27 David Allen
This well-known painter worked and lived in Buchannan, Michigan, for many years having recently returned to his native South Bend. He has become recognized for his dramitic night scenes of the city and most recently daytime scenes of west side neighborhoods. David Allen has won many major awards including Best of Show in the 2005 Elkhart Juried Regional.

AUG 3 Diane Tesler
This artist from Alexandria, Virginia spends four months a year at her country home in Kewanna, Indiana creating rich visual scene of the surrounding countryside. She is best known for her images of abandonned farm houses, cars, and farming implements. Even her 1890s “Odd Fellows Lodge” building she has rehabed in the downtown of this small rual village has become subject matter at times. Diane Tesler’s east coast studio is located in the community of artists who work in the well-known Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria.

AUG 10 Harry Ahn
Subject of a 1985 solo exhibit at MMAA, this Berrien Springs artist has become the most well-known portrait and figurative painter in southern Michigan although his career extends to both coasts. Ahn’s huministic zeal to portray people in their natural habitats has won him admiration from collectors and artists alike. He has been quoted as saying, “I always remember the places I paint by the people I meet there.” Ahn is a member of the prestiqeous Salmagundi Club in New York.

AUG 17 Michael Maitner
This Grand Rapids artist discusses his “Regionalist Surrealism” style seen in the paintings on view. Maitner’s work is inspired by the southern Michigan environment but not a literal transcription of it. Much like his stylistic mentor, Thomas Hart Benton, Maitner utizes a curi-linear approach to forms.

AUG 24 Timothy Grieb
Having lived in Eagle Nest, New Mexico for over 18 years, this Elkhart native has recently returned home and undertaken a painting series of southern Michigan landscapes. Painting in “plein air” Grieb captures a texturous feeling about the land. Greib has won many purshase awards for his work in the past twp Elkhart Juried Regionals.

Art Camp II & III for Children

The leader for both 5-day Art Camps will be Bonnie Elder , Art Educator. The Art Camp II will be held at the Midwest Museum beginning Monday, July 10, through Friday, July 14 . Art Camp III will be held at MMAA beginning Monday, July 31, through Friday, August 4 .

Students will be involved with the FUNdamentals of art, learning about line, shape, & textures while creating their own exciting compositions!
Times for specific age groups are as follows:
Ages 5-7 years meet from 12:30PM to 2:00PM.
Ages 8-12 years meet from 2:30PM to 4:30PM.
FEES: $50. / student for the week. Call 293-6660 today!

SPECIAL THANKS to Kappa Kappa Kappa, Alph Rho Chapter for their generous contribution which enables the museum to purchase supplies for the Art Camps.

Docent of the Year, Veronica Balthus , was honored at the recent Annual Luncheon. She holds the plaque on which her name is engraved along with 15 other names who have received the honor in the past 25 years. Roni Balthus has cochaired the Docent group, been a top tour leader, and helped with special projects at the museum over the past year. Anyone interested in beginning a Docent can contact museum staff at 293-6660.


The Midwest Museum of American Art gratefully acknowledges gifts in honor or in memory of special friends. Notes of acknowledgement are sent by the Museum to those honored or to the families of those memorialized. Recent memorials include:

In Memory Of 
Gerald Bettcher (*by Jane Burns, and Claire & Bill Luther)
Lee Bouton (*by Jane Burns, and Paul & Betty Thomas)
Marian Ball (*by George & Evelyn White)
Shirley Calvert (*by John & Bonnie Aquino)
Eugene Fedder (*by Howard Smith)
Elizabeth Montagano (*by Paul & Betty Thomas, and Anne & Dick Treckelo)
Edith Zook Parks (*by Howard Smith)
Fannie Pettit (*by Paul & Betty Thomas)
Lana Raatz (*by Jane Burns, and Wendell & Marty Culp)
Harold G. Truex (*by Pat & Lynn Shelley, and Paul & Betty Thomas)
Wanda Sigsby Watson (*by Howard Smith)

In Honor of Rosemary Rush Birthday 
by Jane Burns, and Brian & Lisa Byrn

In Honor of Dr. Rick Burns, Jr. Birthday 
by Jane Burns, and Brian & Lisa Byrn

In Honor of Dr.s Daniel & Linda Burns 11th Anniversary 
by Jane Burns, and Brian & Lisa Byrn

In Honor of Kathy Zienty Birthday 
by Jane Burns, and Brian & Lisa Byrn


The MML&A is available for members to use anytime during regular museum hours as a membership benefit. It is a non-lending library but can be used on-site by members for personal research or pleasure. Weekends are a great time to spend in the reading room overlooking Main Street.

Susie Lehman and Sheila Cook, volunteer Museum Librarians, maintain the weekly accessioning of books and catalogues. The Librarians can help members locate specific materials for research purposes. To date more than 3,500 volumes of books and over 7,000 exhibition catalogues are maintained on the second floor. Recently, books have been donated by Mary Helvey, Tom Soper, Lucy Zimmerman, Cameo Victor, Catherine Johnston, Peggy Weed, Marcia Vierck, and Brian & Lisa Byrn.


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