ELKHART — The Midwest Museum of American Art has announced a new exhibition, “Politics & Religion.”

Artists have been speaking out about issues that touch many lives for centuries, the museum said. In modern times, artists have taken the role in society as a mirror or a sounding board to express myriad issues such as the environment, political power, social justice and reform, as well as religious tolerance.

Brian Byrn, director for Midwest Museum of American Art, has curated what will be one of the most important shows the museum has produced to date. Three years in the making, the exhibition, “Politics & Religion,” features the work of 56 artists of national and regional fame. There are 127 works of media linked with 40 pieces of ephemera and material culture that bring issues of social justice, the environment, war, and peace, along with historical connection points to light.

Artists of regional note included in this exhibition are: Mike Amato (Indianapolis), Mary Amador (Goshen), Roni Balthes (Elkhart), Doug Barton (Niles), Jay Burton (St. Louis), Jackie Carlson (Elkhart), Tony Droege (Portland, Oregon), Carol Estes (LaPorte), James Wille Faust (Indianapolis), Lora Fosberg (Michigan City), Helen Geglio (South Bend), Robert Hardt (Rolling Prairie), Randy Horst (Goshen), Lisa Kiselevich (Buchanan), Tuck Langland (Elkhart), Steve Lerma (Elkhart), Shannan Lynes (South Bend), Moe Marks (Beanblossom, Indiana), Jan Martin (Indianapolis), Steve Moriarty (South Bend), Ramiro Rodriguez (South Bend), Ben Roseland (Granger), Justin Rothshank (Goshen), Laurie Rousseau (South Bend), Ken Sleeper (Elkhart), Don Sizemore (Pineville, Kentucky), Bill Tourtillotte (South Bend), Robert Wellington (Goshen), Kay Westhues (South Bend), Lina Zerkle (Waterloo, Indiana) and Kathy Zienty (Goshen).

Artists of historical note included in this exhibition are: Allen Bellman, Wilson Bigaud, Roger Brown, Edward Dams, William Gropper, the Rev. Howard Finster, the Rev. Ralph Holdeman, Sister Corita Kent, Robert Kuntz, Dorothea Lange, Father Anthony Lauck, Jack Levine, Thomas Nast, Frances Pestow, John Rogers, Michael Rothenstein and Brother Carl Tiedt.

Artists of national note included in this exhibition are: Sue Coe, Shepard Fairy, Norman Laliberte, Carl Pope, William Schenck, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Gary Trudeau and Kara Walker.

The exhibition continues through Sunday, Oct. 2.

Admission to the Midwest Museum of American Art is: $10 per adult visitor, $6 ages 8 to 12, $8 ages 13 to 18, and $8 for college students with ID. The Midwest Museum of American Art is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.


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