January 12-March 3, 2024

The Bonnie Rock Legacy Collection, now housed at MMAA, was formulated from the Estate of the late artist who made her home in Plymouth, Indiana. Director Brian Byrn and Estate Executer Ted Wagner came to an agreement with Rock’s family to save a body of 54 works dating from the mid 1980s through 2022 including the last two collage pieces that appeared in the 44th Elkhart Juried Regional.

Every year that Rock entered the EJR beginning in 2014, her work mesmerized the jurors and in one case, won her the Best Mixed Media Award. Her multi- layered collages utilized encrusted surfaces with costume jewelry, personal photos and other ephemera excavated from books, magazines, and other paper sources.

These unique Intimate Worlds reveal her dreams, thoughts and commentary about personal relationships, self analysis, and contemporary culture.

The exhibit will continue through March 3, 2024.

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