January 12-March 3, 2024

The Midwest Museum of American Art is pleased to present a new exhibition of work featuring the paintings of Richard Keen.

Richard Keen (b. 1971) is an artist based in Maine. He is a graduate of Memorial High School in 1990. He has become known throughout New England for his abstractions of Maine’s topographies including land, sea and sky. His work reveals his day-to-day living and work-life on the water of Casco Bay tending to and setting buoy markers while scuba diving and looking upward at forms of boat hulls, rudders and keels. The unique distillations of forms are at once familiar but deal with formal elements of shape, color, and texture.

In addition to Keen’s paintings, a special ‘Spotlight’ exhibit of hand-built ceramic sculptures by Janet Kronewitter-Leedy, will be sited in the two lighted display cases that intersect the gallery spaces. The elements of science or organic forms come to mind. Some of these are influenced by the artist’s 11 acres surrounding her Edwardsburg studio. Ten works have been curated that exude a shared sensibility with Keen’s paintings in color, texture and abstracted designs.

The exhibit will continue through March 3, 2024.

Visit Richard Keen’s website for more information https://richardkeenstudio.com/home.html

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