A Retrospective of the late Toledo Artist reveals hope & renewal in his paintings dealing with the human form

A retrospective of paintings and drawings of the late Adam Grant (1924-1992) will open at the Midwest Museum on September 3rd and continue through October 10th . The exhibition will show works done in Europe and his mature large figure paintings done in the United States.
Adam Grant was a survivor of Auschwitz and Mauthausen concentration camps during World War II. He was a young man of 17 when he was taken captive by the Nazis. He survived because of his ability to produce art for his captors. Adam Grant came the the United States at the age of 25, bringing with him only a portfolio of paintings that reflected his reaction to World War II and another collection of works that envoke a happier outlook on life titled “The Renewed Hope Series” .
When Adam Grant came to America, he soon found a position as a commercial artist. He came to the Palmer Paint Company in Detroit, Michigan, as the very first artist hired to design a new hobby sensation called “Paint By Numbers” . He was the best and most productive designer that company ever had. Over the next 24 years he designed hundreds of art-hobby sets that sold around the world by the millions. The Smithsonian Insitution recently honored his memory by mounting a major historical exhibition of this material cultural phenomenon and publishing a book on the subject.
The nature grace and beauty of the human form has been the main theme of Adam Grant’s paintings since his childhood in pre-war Poland. He has pursued the endless challenge of the figure from these early years when he was deeply moved by the great figure works of the old masters, like Michelangelo. Adam developed his own easy-to-recognize style that expresses the essence of the form with broad and bold brush strokes, a style that has been compared to Cezanne. Grant chose a diverse cross section of his life as subjects – musicians, ballerinas, circus performers, conteporary portraits, religious subjects and hauntingly beautiful female figures.
Toledo, Ohio waqs Adam Grant’s home for the last 35 years of his life, and the place where he created his best work. His work was accepted in the Toledo Area Artists Exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art for 33 years, winning every award offered. Although his early art is included in the Holocaust Museum Collection in Auschwitz, the exhibition at MMAA will be the first major showing since his death. Peggy Grant , Director of 20 North Gallery and Adam Grant’s widow will be present for an informal gallery talk at 2:00pm on Sunday, September 12th . Members and guests are invited.

Friday evening, October 15, 2004
from 7:00 to 9:00pm 

26th Elkhart Juried Regional
The Largest Awards Show in the State!

$21,000 , with the $1,000 Best of Show Award donated in memory of the late Alice Skoglund . A special Memorial Purchase Award in honor of Mary Feddersen for Photography sponsored by the Ron & Connie Minzey and Stuart & Paula Barb of Elkhart. The museum Staff and Trustees are grateful to these friends for assisting in the growth of the collection while honoring the memory of this individual.
In addition to the above families and organization, many individuals and corporations help to make the Elkhart Juried Regional the largest (monetary awards) competition of its kind including the following Purchase Award Sponsors: Jennifer & Mark Abrell, Muncie; Baker & Daniels, Elkhart; Banks Corporation, Elkhart; Billings Funeral Home & Faithful Friends Pet After Care Services, Elkhart; Steve & Traci Bollero, Elkhart; Liz & Tom Borger, Elkhart; Brian & Jeanelle Brady, Elkhart; Dr. Terry Bryant and Dr. Liz Elliott, Elkhart; Dr. Rick and Cindy Burns, Elkhart; Drs. Daniel and Linda Burns, Elkhart; Kathy & Rachel Bollero, Elkhart; Jack and Karen Cittadine, Elkhart; Todd & Christine Cornell, Elkhart; Stan and June Disher, Edwardsburg; Craig & Connie Fulmer, Elkhart; Mr. & Mrs. James L. Jones, St. Louis, MO; Dr. Brian & Summer King, South Bend; Victor and Diana Lawson, Elkhart; Tim & Robyn Loughran, Granger; Richard & Ruth Mark, Elkhart; Dr. Wesley Mark and Dr. Mary Harder, South Bend; TaigMarks Inc., Elkhart; Mr. & Mrs. Paul Shultz, Granger; Warrick & Boyn, Elkhart; Robert Weed Plywood Corporation, Bristol; Bradley Vite Fine Arts, Elkhart; Jeff and Phid Wells, Elkhart.
Merit Awards this year will include the William Leighton Batten Award for Sculpture; Dick Lehman, Potter, Inc.; D&M Glass Corporation; the Elkhart Junior Woman’s Club; and the Psi Iota Xi Sorority. 

BUS TRIP to the Art Institute of Chicago! 
Wednesday, September 15th 
The Midwest Museum will offer a bus excursion to Chicago. We will visti the Art Institute of Chicago to see the exhibition entitled, “SEURAT and the Making of LA GRANDE JATTE” . After viewing the exhibition you can walk to Millennium Park and visit the new Frank Gehry designed bandshell on your own. 
LEAVE: 8:30am…Marion Street at the Midwest Museum
RETURN: 6:00pm
FEE: $40.00 includes chartered motorcoach, exhibition entry, and refreshments; lunch on your own; seating limited, call for reservations & itinerary at 293-6660. FEES DUE BY SEPTEMBER 10th. 

An Afternoon Performance to be held at the Midwest Museum 
Pianist Juliana Lockman & Friends will perform at the Midwest Museum on a special afternoon, Sunday, September 19th at 4:00pm.
Musician Friends include: Judith Weaver, violin
Lyn Buschert, viola
Sara Thomas, violincello
Robert Martin, bass
*The group will perform The Piano Quintet in A Major (Trout) opus 114 by Franz Schubert .
Donations accepted

DOCENT of the YEAR , Mary Ellen Shamory, received recognition for her volunteerism and dedication to the museum’s educational touring program. Ms. Shamory is a two-time recipient of this award honoring her not only for her, overall number of tours led, but for her continued enthusiasm and participation in the Museum’s special events. Individuals interested in becomming a Docent at the Midwest Museum need no prerequisite knowledge of art – only a willingness to learn and share their knowledge with visiting groups. For more information about the Docent Program, contact museum staff at (574) 293-6660.

A variety of Gallery Talks featuring topical issues, biographical sketches, or films – FREE every Thursday at 12:30pm. 

The Midwest Museum of American Art gratefully acknowledges gifts in honor or in memory of special friends. Notes of acknowledgement are sent by the Museum to those honored or to the families of those memorialized. recent memorials include:

In Memory Of 
Dr. Richard D. Burns, Founding Trustee (*by Dr. & Mrs. William Atwood, Shirley Roti Roti, Dr. Kurt D. VanWinkle, and Dick & Carol VerWiebe)

Dr. James W. Hurley (*by John & Bonnie Grant Aquino, Jane Burns, and Dick & Anne Treckelo)

Betty Bishop (*by Jane Burns)

Frank Lorentz (*by Jane Burns, Brian & Lisa Byrn, and Wendell & Marty Culp)

Julius C. Burke (*by Stuart & Trudy Basquin, Jane Burns, and Brian & Lisa Byrn)

Ernest Ortiz (*by Paul & Betty Thomas)

George Currier (*by Paul & Betty Thomas)

Elizabeth Thorne (*by Jeanne Batten, Jane Burns, and Dick & Anne Treckelo)

Jane Grimes (*by Jane Burns, and Phillis Warrick)


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