28th Anniversary Celebration

ANSEL ADAMS: Emotions in Black & White 

ANSEL ADAMS: Emotions in Black & White , continues through Sunday, June 24, 2007 . This must-see exhibition offers three complete portfolios, some larger-scale images, unique commerical images, a documentary film and other didactic material, allowing the viewer a more complete picture of this visionary photographer and pioneer crusader for the environment.

Ansel Adams was born in 1902 in San Francisco. He began to photograph the landscape of the American West as an artist more than 75 years ago. He took his first photographs in Yosemite when he was fourteen with a Brownie box camera. Although trained in his youth as a concert pianist, after meeting Paul Strand in New Mexico in 1930, he decided to make photography his profession.

By 1932 Adams had his first one-man show, and with Edward Weston, Imogen Cunningham, and others founded Group f/64, devoted to the expressive potentials of straight photography . In 1940 he helped found the first the first Department of Photography at the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco. His interest in photography and nature led him to become a director and pioneering conservationist of the Sierra Club from 1934 to 1971.

Some of the artist’s most important works in his prolific 50 year career were seven portfolios created between 1948 and 1976. Each portfolio represented a limited edition of from ten to fifteen signed photographic prints. Within a total of ninety images, Adams created him most famous monumental landscape photographs some of which are included in this exhibiton. Thus, of all Adams’ publications, his portfolios most clearly represent his personal view of the meaning of his work.

This Exhibition is sponsored by the GENESIS Program of the City of Elkhart with support from the Elkhart County Community Foundation.

Adams’ statement in Portfolio Three perhaps best summarizes the intent of this exhibition then – “…In these photographs are many deep echoes of experience…each represents, for me, a moment of wonder…the pictures are a continual pattern of personal moon and response…in a way, a personal autobiography in photographic images…based on emotional impulse and personal experience rather than on intellectual or historical judgement”.


20 Years of Jazz Photography 

An exhibition of black and white photographs taken by Indianapolis photographer, Duncan Schiedt will be on display from June 1st through June 24th . The 25 selected images were taken by Schiedt over the past 20 years of the Elkhart Jazz Festival which will be held June 22nd to JUne 24th. Schiedt’s first “jazz pictures” were taken in January 1939 just after he acquired his first dependable camera. He was working as an usher in a Manhattan cinema earning fifteen dollars a week at the time. His first subject was his idol Benny Goodman and his Orchestra. This exhibit will mark Duncan Schiedt’s 68th year as a jazz photographer.

Sciedt is also well known for his extensive archives of historic Jazz photographs in addition to his own work. As a musician Duncan Schiedt is known for his lively “stride” style of piano playing. The artist/photographer will make a guest appearance at the Midwest Museum on Saturday, June 23rd from 5:00 – 6:00pm . He will autograph any of his books on sale in the Museum Gift Shop and play a few songs to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the festival. This “members only” event is a great opportunity to stop by and visit with Indiana’s own “Jazz” legend.


Docents continue to lead group tours but recently have been utilized on weekend days as informal gallery speakers. Verna Brinson, Norma Hoist, and Joyce Cleaveland have been part of a pilot program to meet and greet visitors on Saturdays and Sundays. They engage families or individuals in conversations about exhibits or works in the permanent collection. Thefavorable respone to these activities by visitors is a sure sign that many want more information about objects in the collection. A special thanks to all Docents for volunteering their time to support the educational mission of the Midwest Museum. Interested in becomming a Docent? Call 293-6660.

28th Anniversary Report

Since 1979, when the Midwest Mudeum of American Art first opened its doors, the collection and the museum’s services to the community have grown steadily. We continue to fultill the museum’s mission to educate, inspire and enrich the public through exhibitions of fine American art. We also like to brag that, while we are a ppublic institution, we are not a taxpayer burden. Through the generosity of our members, benefactors, corporate patrons, volunteers and Docents, the museum has been able to bring meaningful art experiences without without further adding to the financial woes of many of our citizens.

Why are the arts so important to tht eindivisual? The arts help to bridge differences and enhance understanding among persons of all backgrounds and interests. The museum has the potential to bring people and community together through a creative spirit not found in much of our daily lives. The Midwest Museum of American Art is dedicated to safeguarding a permanent collection of over 2,200 works of donated art and to hold them in public trust for our future generations. Thank you to the many who make our goals possible. ~JANE BURNS, Director 

Children’s Summer Art Camps 

The Midwest Museum will offer a new series of summer Art Camps for students ages 5 (who have completed Kindergarten) through ages 12. Enrollment in all Art Camps will be limited to 20.

FEES for each Art Camp will be $50 – which will include all materials.

ART CAMP I JUNE 11-15 (1 week) Ages 5-12 yrs. 12:30pm-2:00pm; Mon-Fri

Art Educator, Tara Mix, will lead students on an adventure in creating drawings, watercolors, mixed media works and collages while utilizing the museum’s permanent collection of American Art for inspiration.

Two more Art Camps will be held in July and August. They will be led by Art Educator, Bonnie Elder and listed in the next Museum Bulletin. For more information about these or to sign up for any of the Art Camps call the museum at 293-6660.

…other Museum News 

“Sheaves of Corn” , an oil on board down in 1931 by Grant Wood from the MMAA Permanent Collection will continue its world tour throughout 2007. At the request of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the painting will journey on to Moscow, Russia and Bilbao, Spain in the exhibition, “Art in American: 300 Years of Innovation”. In Russia the exhibit honors the 200th anniversary of US/Russia ambassadorial relations. In Spain the exhibit will commemorate the 10th anniversary of Frank Gehry’s world renowned design of the museum building.

*The MMAA Library & Archives is the recipient of over 125 art books from the personal collection of Ken Brady.

*The museum has received a donation of the limited deluxe edition of The City 2000published by 3 Book Publishing, Chicago. This large-scale book, edition number 63 of 200, features beautiful reproductions of color photography taken by Chicago artists along with stories by Chicago writers.


The Midwest Museum of American Art gratefully acknowledges gifts in honor or in memory of special friends. Notes of acknowledgement are sent by the Museum to those honored or to the families of those memorialized. Recent memorials include:

In Memory Of 

ROBERT BOYER (*by Jim & Lois Boyer, Robert & Rita Byrns, Donna M. McCurdy, Richard & Vicki Magee)

MARGE L. BURNS (*by Timothy J. & Anna M. Burns)

MARY L. ENGLISH (*by Tom & Dot Corson)

PEARL HAGAR ERVIN (*by Paul & Betty Thomas)


In Honor of Jim Gallagher for his Birthday (*by Eleanor Koppin)


From the Heart of a Regionalist

The Paintings of Anthony Benton Gude 

The Midwest Museum of American Art will be mounting an exciting exhibition of 35 paintings by Anthony Benton Gude. A Kansas native, Gude is the Grandson of renowned American painter, Thomas Hart Benton. Gude’s studio is located on the Benton farm in Kansas where he draws his inspiration from the land and its inhabitants. This exhibition is organized by the Midwest Museum of American Art with assistance from Kiechel Fine Art, Lincoln, Nebraska, and the artist. “From the Heart of a Regionalist: The Paintings of Anthony Benton Gude” will open June 29th and continue through October 7th, 2007. More information will be listed about the artist and the exhibit in the next Members Bulletin.

There’s still time to donate your exotic junktique for the Artist’s Attic benefit…

The Artist’s Attic – a SALE of unique ODDITIES and cast-off treasures. This year’s sale features lots of art books, games, & puzzles.

Friday, June 8th… from 11am – 5pm…… 

Saturday, June 9th… from 1 – 4pm……. 

Cash only. No checks. All proceeds from this sale benefit the MMAA Acquisition Fund


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